Easter Bible Object Lessons with Jelly Beans

As a mom, special needs teacher, adult educator and homeschool parent, I'm constantly looking for and developing ways to make learning interactive and approachable. As a bibliophile, I try to make books hands-on. I look for text to life connections. I use object lessons. Using five senses to explore material, students (regardless of age or ability) are engaged and understand content better. Our sense of taste provides oft-overlooked learning opportunities. Kids associated food with positive ideas; endorphins (feel-good hormones) are released when we eat. Endophins produce a sense of well-being and make us more receptive. Here's a Bible lesson using jelly beans as an Easter object lesson. Use Leftover Jelly Beans for an Easter Craft and Devotional Object Lesson

March National Reading Month, Women's History Month--Female Nobel Prize for Literature: Eleven Women Laureates

Since March is both National Reading Month and National Women's History Month, I thought why not celebrate by enjoying books from female Nobel Prize for Literature selections? Researching the Nobel Literature laureates, I found that in the 112-year history of the Nobel Prize, only 12 women have won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Here is a lesson plan for high school English or World Literature classes that focuses on the lives, history and work of those eleven women authors and Nobel Laureates. Here's a link for online activities and printable worksheets. In 1909: Swedish-born Selma Lagerlof becomes the first woman to win the Nobel Prize for Literature for series of children's stories entitled The Many Adventures of Nils. Note: in my original article, I missed the 1945 winner, Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral, making the total 12. Still too few. Nobel Prize for Literature: Eleven Women Laureates

Catholic Lenten Bible Readings, Prayers, Devotions for Lent

Catholic Relief Services is the single largest non-governmental relief agency in the world. Each year at Lent CRS initiates what is called 'Operation Rice Bowl'. Operation Rice Bowl is a program which focuses our attention on the cardinal aims of the Lenten season: prayer, fasting and almsgiving. The Rice Bowl project consists of a cardboard box which when assembled, looks very much like the take out boxes that rice comes in. The Rice Bowl is a box which families set up in their homes during Lent to collect loose change and offerings for the poor and hungry of the world. Operation Rice bowl also includes a Lenten prayer calendar with devotional activities, feast days and stations of the cross. Each calendar day has a prayer focus. Specific information about world poverty statistics and needs from around the world are listed also.  Lenten Rice Bowl Devotional and Lesson Planner


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