Free Online study aids, Homework Help apps

Back to school--three words kids hate and parents (let's admit it) look forward to. Too much unstructured summer vacation gets old. But no parent looks forward to school homework battles. And no kid does either. Here are free online study aids and calendar apps to motivate students. The penny pincher in me loves that these apps cost nothing and save money on school supplies. Students, you're going to love these apps--they're helpful, they make sense and they don't treat you like a little kid.  Read more Read on

Free Native American Lesson Plans, Free Printable Activities from The Indian in the Cupboard Books

If you're an educator and or parent and you're discouraged from battling with kids to read instead of stare at a screen, don't give up. Here's a fantasy genre book list sure to attract, nay delight 3th to 6th grade children, especially boys. I've detailed the books and created a literature discussion guide to use. "The Indian in the Cupboard" series (including also The Secret of the Indian, The Return of the Indian, The Mystery of the Cupboard and The Key to the Indian) blends Native American culture, history, adventure and fantasy.  Use this Native American Literature Lesson Planner--The Indian in the Cupboard unit. Free printable activities included.

Free Printable Rainbow Magic Fairy Crafts

 "Rainbow Magic" is a series of books from the UK, about fairies, created by a collection of authors writing under the pseudonym "Daisy Meadows." Rainbow Magic is illustrated by Georgie Ripper. There are several dozens stories. Here are free printable fairy crafts from Rainbow Magic. Use with lesson plans and to encourage reading. Read more


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