Free Printable City of Ember Lesson Plans

The "City of Ember" is a utopian/dystopian futuristic book series by Jeanne DuPrau that is used in many middle school classes. The books were made into a cool movie in 2008. Here are free printable lesson plans from the book and movie. read on for free printable City of Ember lesson plans

Free Printable Shel Silverstein Lesson Plans, Activities

Shel Silverstein gave us "The Giving Tree," "A Light in the Attic," "Where the Sidewalk Ends," "Runny Babbit" and many poems and cute stories. Here are free printable activities from Shel Silverstein. I can never decide if I like the whimsical illustrations or his endearing verse better. Here's the best of both in free printable activities. Read more

Free Printable Kevin Henkes Activities

Kevin Henkes writes adorable childrens stories: "Kitten's Full Moon", "Lilly's Plastic Purse", "Owen", "Wemberly Worried" and more. My personal favorite it "Shelia Rae, The Brave" about a bombastic older sister who finds that a little sister can be a big help when courage fails. Here are free printable crafts, lessons, activities and coloring pages from Kevin Henkes books. Read on

Free Printable Series of Unfortunate Events Activities

Free Printable Series of Unfortunate Events Activities Activities from the book series and movie with Jim Carrey. Lemony Snicket is a cool author. In the early days, no one knew just who Lemony Snicket was (Daniel Handler). That added to the fun. These books are must-reads for young literati! Book games, free printable literature lesson plans, movie activities, reading response journal activities, crafts and more. This is a great read aloud for Readers Theater lesson plans. Read on

Free Printable Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Activities

Before there was a movie "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs", there was a book; not a lot like the film, but also cute, nevertheless. I read it to my students when I taught Montessori in the 1980s. I shared with my kids now-grown kids when I homeschooled them. Here are free printable coloring pages from book and movie. read on

Free Dr. Seuss Read Across America Activities

From the Jungle of Nool to the top of Mt. Crumpet, Dr. Seuss offers wisdom in verse, common sense in a spoonful of fun. March ushers in Dr. Seuss's birthday, Read Across America and National Reading Month. I know we're a good way into National Reading Month, but hey, it's never to late to celebrate reading! Here are free activities to do that. Use for Readers Workshop, Readers Theater and reading response journal lesson plans. Read more


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