Jon Scieszka's 'Science Verse' and 'Math Curse' Make Math and Science Approachable

On a never-ending quest for science and math lesson plans that appeal to kids and make content user-friendly, the books of Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith meet task. 'Science Verse', 'Math Curse' and 'Squids will be Squids' combine learning and fun. Read on

Free printable Sir Cumference' Books activities for Pi Day, Math and Geometry

Math and Geometry Lessons from 'Sir Cumference' Books by Cindy Neuschwander Cindy Neuschwander writes math math books for children. With Wayne Geehan illustrating, Neuschwander has given us books about Sir Cumference, Lady Di of Ameter and Radius their son who solve math and geometry puzzles and medieval mysteries. Read More

Free Printable Book Lesson Plans for Veterans Day

Free Printable Veterans Day Lesson Plans: War History ctivities Veteran's Day is celebrated on November 11, the end of World War One on November 11, 1918. Veterans Day honors those who served in the military. Here are free printable lesson plans on war history, WWI, WW II, Vietnam, Korea and American military. Read More

Alfred Hitchcock Murder Mystery and Dark Literature

My 'Frenzy' for Alfred Hitchcock Movie Memorabilia Alfred Hitchcock reigns supreme as perfecter of the 'film noir' genre. Hitchcock isn't the only director to dabble in the dark "Psycho" drama, but he is "Notorious" for it. I have a predilection for Hitchcock memorabilia. A 'Frenzy' for it, if you will. (Shh- kids, don't tell mom and dad that you love Hitchcock for the spooky murder mysteries; tell them it's educational! Yo, Parents, c'mere. Don't tell the kids that Hitchcock is educational; just tell them he's downright scary!) Read More


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