World War I Books and movies for Armistice Day and WWI 100th anniversary films

Veteran's Day remembers the World War I armistice (truce) on November 11, 1918. Though no WWI was a poignant and pivotal epoch in history. Remembrance Day 2014 is especially solemn, said the Christian Science Monitor November 11. It's the 100th anniversary of the year the war began in Europe.

Hailed the Great War to "end all wars" it didn't. A global conflict broke out not 20 years later thanks to inadequate resolution of WWI. The first mechanized, non-Napoleonic war, WWI soldiers experienced horrors unheard of in their fathers' wars--aerial dogfights, chemical and biological warfare, land mines and machine guns. Big Bertha and Minnie (minenwerfer), tanks and trenches, weapons of mass destruction.

Teachers, here are literature-based films to help students experience and understand WWI. Show in civics, social studies, current affairs and history (middle school or older).  World War I books and movies for Armistice Day and WWI 100th anniversary films 


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