Catholic Saints Coloring Pages, Bible Character Crafts

 I've just found a blog that features a whole collection of free printable Catholic saints organized in order of the Catholic liturgical and saints feast day calendar. Print these free coloring pages for All Saints Day. There are Bible characters, too. This blog features beautiful hand drawn images. Waltzing Matilda has over 65 free printable saints coloring pages, all lovingly designed by the author of this blog. She makes these printables available free of charge to all homeschoolers, families, individuals, religious groups, churches and schools. I'm delighted to share links for these free printable saints coloring pages. Free Printable Catholic Saints Coloring Pages for All Saints Day 

Homemade Reading Games, Interactive Book Crafts, Childrens' Literature Activities

Teachers, can you use cheap, homemade language arts lesson plans? Homeschoolers, looking for interactive reading games? Here are hands-on reading activities for preschool to high school. Use cheap, recycled materials. Lessons are based on HOTS (Higher-Order Thinking Skills): analysis, application, synthesis and evaluation.   Hands-On Homemade Reading Crafts, Book Activities, Literature Games

Chris VanAllsburg's Polar Express Connections

I have a lot of hobbies and interests. One is incunabula, particularly the collecting of children's literature. I'm not au currant in modern adult fiction, but juvenilia I speak fluently.

A favorite is Chris VanAllsburg--of Jumanji, The Polar Express (book, then movie) fame. When I was in college and a new teacher, VanAllsburg was writing and illustrating some of his best works. My personal favorite is a little-remembered volume of odd M.C. Escher-ish
pictures with intriguing captions "The Mysteries of Harris Burdick." I used that extensively in creative writing with my Montessori students in the 80s. Read more  Chris VanAllsburg is from My Hometown


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