Free Printable Magic Tricks, Magician Themed Birthday Party Printables

Hey kids! Do you like to play tricks on people? Are you an aspiring magician? Would you like free printable magic tricks to show your audience? Maybe you'd like to have a magic themed birthday party? Here are free printable magic tricks and sleight- of-hand how-to demonstrations for my budding illusionist readers. Free Printable Magic Tricks, Magician Themed Birthday Party Printables

Best Historical Fiction Books for Tween, Teen Girls

 Historical fiction is becoming increasingly popular genre with school-aged girls. I've compiled a list from my 20+ year teacher career, highlighting the best historical fiction for tween and teenage girls. You'll note I didn't add American Girls. Those books are excellent, but written for slightly younger girls. But older girls can certainly enjoy them! This list isn't exclusively for girls, but most books have female protagonists so girls may be more drawn to them. Best Historical Fiction Books for Tween and Teenage Girls


Free Printable Puppets and Preschool Themed Mini Books to Act Out

When I taught summer enrichment, one class that always went over big was puppetry. Here are free printable finger puppets, stick puppets, paper bag puppets and 3D play sets (to use like puppets). Many have accompanying mini booklets kids can read and act out with their puppets. There are Bible, animal, people, Disney character, monster and other puppet themes. Perfect for Vacation Bible School, summer school, daycare and rainy day fun!  Free Printable Disney, Animal, Bible Finger Puppets

Challenged, Censored Banned Books Arouse Love of Reading in Tweens, Teens

Want to teach kids to love reading? Tell them a book has been banned, censored or challenged by adults. Nothing sends a reluctant reader to the bookshelf quicker than thinking he's doing something verboten! Especially tweens and teens who love flouting authority anyway! Often students who most hate reading speak loudest against censorship and in solidarity with authors. God love them for that. So without further ado, my adolescent friends, here are the Most Banned Books? Authors of Teen, Children's Literature. Now get thee to a library!


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