Free Printable 'Hunger Games' Book, Movie Activities

It's an understatement to say that "The Hunger Games" book trilogy, by Suzanne Collins, has taken the world by storm. It's lit a fire, pardon the pun! "The Hunger Games" is the first fiction book my non-fiction reader husband has read since Steinbeck's "In Dubious Battle." "The Hunger Games" movie blasted to top spot when it came out in March. The saga continues in "Catching Fire" and "Mockingjay" which don't stay long on book shelves. Planning to teach a unit on "The Hunger Games" books or movie? Here are free printable lesson plans and activities for several different content areas. As for age level, the movie is acceptable for most ages, but the books are a bit graphic. I recommend using "The Hunger Games" series with kids over 12. Read on

Free Printable Preschool Felt Board Stories, Patterns, Templates, Stencils

Felt boards are a teaching tool used in preschool classes to teach lessons and tell stories by illustrating with felt pieces. When I ws a kid, Sunday School teachers used a similar tool called Flannel-Graph. Here are free printable felt board patterns, templates and stencils. These templates can be used to trace and cut out shapes for a felt board. These patterns can also be used to cut shapes from fabric for Halloween costumes, appliques for craft projects, templates to make stencils for painting and even to make patterns for cookie cutters for play dough or sugar cookie dough. Read more at Preschool theme pattern to print


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