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As a teacher and homeschool parent, reading for research and pleasure is elemental. Each person in my family, male and female is a passionate bibliophile. I'm surprised when parents say that their kids, especially the boys, don't like to read. I suggest that this is less a distaste for reading and more that they haven't found books that engage them. To remedy that, I've created a list of favorite books and authors, in several genres, geared to boys ages 10-14. Most of these books have some mature content and that's one reason boys love them so much. They feel respected and not talked down to. I recommend reading these stories with kids.  Literature for preteen boys

Help, my child hates to read! Tips to inspire the reluctant reader

Habits, both good and bad, are generational. Children absorb, by osmosis, the vices and virtues of their parents. I'm a reader, as were my parents before me. My husband's family were bibliophiles. Our children grew up reading and being read to. Now in middle school and adulthood, our kids have continued the reading habit. Are you struggling to find ways to spark a love of reading in your kids? Here are some tips and tricks to help. Books for kids who hate to read


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