Banned Books Week- Check out these Children's, Teen Authors and Literature

Most Banned Books? Authors of Teen, Children's Literature This week, Sept. 24 to Oct.1, celebrates the 30th anniversary of the ALA Banned Book Week. BBW celebrates authors who broke convention to write books about touchy subjects. Here are stats about most oft-censored children and teen authors and literature. Would you believe that most of these are required reading in most high schools? Most of these statistics hold true for adult literature as well. Read on...

Henry Winkler Awarded OBE for Services to Dyslexic Children - "Hank Zipzer" Books

Henry Winkler Awarded OBE for Services to Dyslexic Children Every girl loves the Fonz, even Queen Elizabeth II, it seems. The Queen awarded Henry Winkler (aka Arthur Fonzarelli of "Happy Days") the Most Excellent OBE (knighthood). Winkler was honored for services to dyslexic and special needs children. Notable is Winkler's "Hank Zipzer" kids book series. Read more...

Free Printable Plant Science Books and Activities for Fall Nature Unit

This article is part of a series of six articles comprising six lessons in a science unit on plants. It has applications and adaptations for grades K-10 and addresses biology, math, social studies, writing (research and creative writing), literature, art, music and physical activities. The lessons are interactive and multisensory. You'll find lessons, printables, games, projects, web resources and literature connections. This article covers lesson two; we will explore the seeds of the plant. As always I'll begin with unit scope and sequence. Cross Curricular, Hands on Plant Science Unit


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