Dystopian Books, Utopian Literature like "The Hunger Games"

 You read "The Hunger Games","Catching Fire" and "Mockingjay." You saw "The Hunger Games" movie--six times. Until Suzanne Collins writes another book or the "Catching Fire" movie comes out, how will you satisfy your lust for dystopian literature? You'll take this handy list of best futuristic dystopian/utopian books to your local library and get busy reading. Not all of these are kids books, but most could be read by mature 8th graders (barring "A Clockwork Orange"--it has obligatorily graphic descriptions and should not be read by kids) Books like "The Hunger Games"

Free Printable Diary of a Wimpy Kid Activities

 Jeff Kinney is a very popular guy. Author of the wildly popular kids book series Diary of a Wimpy Kid. The series follows Greg Heffley's personal journal of life as a middle school kid. What makes these books so oft-read? The series is a sort of graphic novel. The pictures are simple and poke fun at everyone in Greg Heffley's life, including himself. We can all identify with Greg's harried mother and easily-annoyed father. We can laugh at Greg's tuned-out teenage brother Roderick and his lisping, ever-innocent younger brother Manny. Kids love the all-too-realistic situations Greg finds himself in. Greg is the perfect protagonist because he is not perfect and neither is his family. Happily, Kinney just came out with another book, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel. This book joins DOAWK Cabin Fever, The Last Straw, The Ugly Truth, Dog Days, Roderick Rules and the original. The third Wimpy Kid movie came out on Aug. 3, 2012. Here are free printable activities from the books and movies. Free Diary of a Wimpy Kid Printables 

Free Printable Literature Activities, Reading Games, Writing Prompts

Looking for inspiring back-to-school activities to get kids excited about learning? Or maybe you need to supplement homeschool or classroom curriculum? Look no further. Scholastic is your one-stop source for free printable hands-on lessons and activities. Use these activities during the summer to keep kids reading through vacation.  Free Summer Learning Enrichment Activities


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