Kids Books about Bullying--Funny Bully-Buster Stories

Bullying: 10 Books for Home and School Ten witty and ingenious books for kids and adults to address the problem of bullying at home and school. Read as bullied underdogs take on their persecutors in proactive, bully-busting ways. View more »

Read Around the World Books for Ages 4-8

World Literature Lessons for Reading Books with Children Ages 4 - 8
Literature guide for books and stories around the world. This list provides literature ideas from 5 continents and over twenty countries. These books are best for ages four to eight. Includes many Caldecott Medal winners awarded for best illustrations. Feel free to print and use these lesson  plans in your classroom or homeschool.  View more »

Read Around the World

Read Around the World --Grades 4-8 Literature Unit--for School, Library, or Home-School Use With this literature unit you can tour the 7 continents visiting 20 countries in all, by reading books set in these different lands. Includes title, author, copyright date, brief description and age level. Most books are Newbery award winners (for content) or Caldecott award winners for illustrations). View more »

Lesson Plans from Dr Seuss

Using Dr. Seuss Books to Teach Economics, History, Political Science and Sociology Lessons Dr. Seuss gives us words of wisdom in candy-coated treats. Yertle the Turtle, Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose, The Lorax, Horton Hears a Who--these and others teach important life lessons. Here are guidelines for using four classic Dr. Seuss books to teach lessons in ethics, current affairs and sociology. View more »


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